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Our Mission Statement

"Active Web Learning will provide exemplary guidance on effective blended (Distance, Asynchronous, Cost effective, Systematic evidential practices) and model professional learning via an engaging and interactive platform."

About the company

Active Web Learning is a Learning Management System supplier and hosting provider with many technologies that puts us on the global playing field.  LMS’s supplied by Active Web Learning are hosted by us on a business cloud solution which is scalable to meet your needs as you grow.

Our primary expertise is within the rail industry sector in the UK but our platform can accommodate any industry that requires a robust solution for assessing competence and upskilling your employees. 

We have undertaken extensive market research and collated feedback from a database of over 9,500 rail personnel that find our platform engaging, fun and easy to learn from, both as a blended option and remotely.


What We do

Active Web Learning provides an interactive and engaging learning solution that helps your business automate learning processes to save you costs on expensive personnel.  

We research and combine many technologies to bring you the ultimate eLearning platform. We are on the global playing field with the technologies we use, working closely with overseas developers, universities as well as our dedicated team here at Active Web Learning.

Our learning platform is designed to provide educators, administrators and learners with a single robust, secure and integrated system to create personalised learning environments.


OuR Team

Andy Hill


Operational Railway Training Specialist with elearning, developing and authoring skills. 

Qualified Trainer, Industry recognised Assessor and Verifier. Holds EU Train Licence.

Nicola Hill

Business Administration & Customer Relations

Specialises in onboard rail services and business administration.  I have over 20 years of extensive customer services and Customer Service Management.