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Become a Freelance Trainer for Active Web Learning


Are you interested in registering to become a freelance trainer? Active Web Learning has introduced a comprehensive booking and scheduling system for clients looking to book a freelance trainer.

Below is an application form for anyone with experience in the rail industry with a training background that wishes to work as a freelance trainer for services offered by Active Web Learning Ltd. If you are interested in joining our bank of trainers, please complete the following form to register your interest. 

Once registered on our system, your profile will be displayed if matched and selected by rail companies when booking a service. We only send sensitive data once a booking has been confirmed, ie medical certificate or/and EU licence.

The freelance trainer can make themself available across the year and block out selected dates to ensure your not available when a client books.  If you have made yourself available then providing you match the competencies for the selected service you may be booked to undertake that work.


Simply fill out our registration form below in full. Once we have checked and accepted your details we will then build your profile on our booking system.

Yes, you can make yourself available whenever you like.  Our booking system will block out any days you cannot work. You simply choose what days you would like to work. 

This is dependant on what experience and qualifications you have. Once registered and your profile is built on our booking system, we will agree a daily rate based upon experience and qualifications.

Active Web Learning will pay you an agreed daily rate once the clients invoice has been paid in full. We allow 30 days for invoices  to be paid in full.

You will be working as self employed therefore tax deductions and national insurance will be your responsibility.

You will be required to have your own PPE. As a minimum you should have a hi-vis vest/jacket and safety shoes.  Any other equipment to undertake the service will be supplied by the client.

If the service requires you to stay away from home. We will provide hotel accomodation with bed & breakfast rate along with evening meal allowances. This will be built into our quotation that we send to the client.

Managing Rail Staff Fatigue

Managing rail staff fatigue is important when carrying out freelance work for Active Web Learning. As a self-employed freelance trainer you will be responsible for managing your own fatigue index in compliance with the Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations 1999. Active Web Learning has implemented a fatigue padding around your booked hours, ensuring you have sufficient rest periods before your next turn of duty with your day to day employment.

How does our automated system work?

Our clients select a service along with a commencement date. Our system automatically searches our database of trainers and matches them based upon the competency requirements for the selected service. Our system checks to see which trainers match the requirements and then checks the availability for the selected dates. 

Once our system has matched the trainer with competency and availability, the client then books the service. This booking will then be held in a pending state and will generate a quotation for the client. If the client accepts our quotation, they will be invoiced by Active Web Learning Ltd and the booking will be confirmed. 

Once the booking is confirmed the trainer will be notified by email, detailing information on the requirements of the service.

Depending on the work to be carried out, the client may request your medical certificate for carrying out safety-critical work.  This will be sent over by email from us along with details of your EU Licence if required.

Registration Form

Before registering using the form below, please ensure you have the following documents available to submit as part of your application.

  • Photo (head & shoulders shot, example above)
  • Copy of your passport or Home office document to prove your right to work in the UK
  • Medical report/certificate (This can be obtained from your existing company)
  • Proof of Qualifications (ie Certificates)
The reason why we ask for these documents is to build your profile for system matching against our services, along with legal requirements.  All submitted data and documents are stored securely on our GDPR compliant server.  You can still register with us but your profile will not be matched with a client until the documents have been received.
If you have any queries with regards to registration then please email us.