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Route Learning

Route learning is critical to ensure you completely understand a route. This can be from signals, diversionary routes, and line speeds. There are many factors you need to take into account when learning a route.

We often see train operating companies spending a lot of money assessing drivers over the route, whereby Active Web Learning can produce interactive assessment videos to assess drivers over a route without the need for expensive personnel.

Video Hosting

If you prefer you can use your existing video library or service to connect with your LMS. However, our corporate hosted service can accommodate high-performance server loads.

Import original footage

Example of Assessment

The Assessment

The assessment process is where a candidate watches the video of the route. Along the way, he/she will get various safety-critical questions which they will have to answer correctly. 

The flexibility of our platform can provide many parameters. This can be that the grade can be given at the end of the assessment or as the candidate is taking the assessment. Other options are to restrict controls to ensure the learning cannot rewind or jump forward within the video as well as terminating the assessment if a safety-critical question is answered incorrectly. 

Interactive Video Features

During the creation of the video assessment, we have listed below some of the features that can be added.

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